The Right Mind

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  • 4 Weeks
  • 50 points
  • February 10, 2019 7:54 pm
Course Curriculum


36 Lessons / 0 Quizes
1. Everything begins with your practice 10 points
2. Commit to your practice 10 points
3. Allow your practice to awaken you 10 points
4. Participate and contribute 10 points
5. Intent influences your environment 10 points
6. Embrace change 10 points
7. Action is a necessary part of success 10 points
8. Treat every person with kindness and humility 10 points
9. Be respectful 10 points
10. Value and recognize every individual for their unique skills, talents and contributions 10 points
11. Stay present in the moment and actively live in the present while keeping a focus on long-term goals and meeting short-term needs 10 points
12. Be courteous and responsive 10 points
13. Take ownership of, and responsibility for, your actions and the results 10 points
14. In all endeavors act with an ethical and honest mindset 10 points
15. Honor commitments, keep promises and build trust 10 points
16. Be truthful in all actions and communications 10 points
17. Approach every situation with good intentions 10 points
18. Live a healthy and balanced lifestyle 10 points
19. Create and support a positive environment 10 points
20. Dedicate yourself to improvement 10 points
21. Commit to being the best that you can be 10 points
22. Support those around you 10 points
23. Share knowledge 10 points
24. Be welcoming 10 points
25. Appreciate the good in your life 10 points
26. Have faith in your teachers and the teachings 10 points
27. Support and create the community 10 points
28. Life is a journey 10 points
29. Be grateful 10 points
30. Focus only on what is important 10 points
31. Strive for fulfillment; avoid shallow pleasures 10 points
32. Be the center of your experience and take responsibility as a learner 10 points
33. Leave every situation better than how you found it 10 points
34. Open your mind to new ideas 10 points
35. Learn from the past 10 points
36. Honor your family 10 points
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