Kung Fu Principles

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  • 4 Weeks
  • 50 points
  • February 10, 2019 7:52 pm
Course Curriculum


41 Lessons / 0 Quizes
1. Hard hands and feet 10 points
2. Attack high then low, side to side 10 points
3. Hard to soft and soft to hard 10 points
4. Grab only with intent 10 points
5. Feet for feet and hands for hands 10 points
6. Use the feet to get you there; use the hands once there 10 points
7. A block is a strike 10 points
8. An evasion is a block 10 points
9. Practice your technique 10,000 times 10 points
10. Practice hard your kung fu everyday 10 points
11. Health first 10 points
12. Protect your centerline; dominate your opponent’s centerline 10 points
13. Bak Fu Pai is a short hand system and centerline system 10 points
14. Dominate position; always be in a dominate position or a position of advantage 10 points
15. Protect your balance and take your opponent’s balance 10 points
16. Use angles to your advantage 10 points
17. Push when your opponent pulls; pull when your opponent pushes 10 points
18. Confuse your opponent 10 points
19. Attack the opponent’s vital areas 10 points
20. Mind the triangle method 10 points
21. Use the Sword Principle 10 points
22. If close, attack or retreat 10 points
23. Find the essence of technique or it is useless 10 points
24. Simple is effective and quick, complicated is not 10 points
25. At all times be aware of your surroundings 10 points
26. Never reveal your true intentions or ability 10 points
27. Do not turn your back on your opponent 10 points
28. Attain animal strength and flexibility 10 points
29. Control the tempo (cadence, position, gauging, timing, be a move/moves ahead) 10 points
30. Use the Wu Wei 10 points
31. Utilize simultaneous attack and defense 10 points
32. When you punch your opponent, it will hurt your opponent; when your opponent punches you, it will hurt your opponent. 10 points
33. Gauging 10 points
33a. Know your zones and utilize applicable techniques 10 points
33b. Outside – Attack the limbs of the tree before the trunk 10 points
33c. Outside – Attack the limb, stun/confuse, attack the body, take the balance, drive the opponent to a position of disadvantage, complete the sequence 10 points
33d. Inside – Attack the body not the hands 10 points
33e. Clinch/stand-up grappling – feet stay on the ground 10 points
33f. Grappling – dominate body position and attack the body first 10 points
33g. Grappling – remember at all times either the eyes, throat, or groin is within attacking distance 10 points
34. Focus on breaking the opponent’s skeletal structure 10 points
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