Qigong Meditation

You cannot truly master Martial Arts without bringing your mind and body into close harmony.

We encourage our students to embrace Qigong, an ancient health system that consists of breathing, focus and coordinated muscle movements designed to cultivate Chi-Energy. Chi-Energy is our body’s natural life force, and harnessing it through this ancient discipline helps to foster greater muscle strength, coordination and control as well as pronounced relaxation and mental quiet. It is critical that you free yourself of distractions and negative energy before you can truly tap into your physical prowess and mental power.
Qigong meditation is a whole body ritual of rhythmic movements that positively impacts everything from cardiovascular and respiratory function to digestive and circulatory health.
Qigong is the much revered practice of using the mind, body and posture to direct vital and healing energy. It is a powerful style of meditation in every sense of the word. The discipline, control and purposeful movements of Qigong can be adapted into any martial arts program. It not only cultivates muscular balance and increased body strength, but it also promotes self-examination and enlightenment.
Practicing Qigong offers real-life advantages that include:
• Reduced Stress
• Increased Energy
• Greater Feelings of Peace
• Enhanced Well-Being
• Improved Deep Sleep Levels

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