Herbs Are Nourishment

A complete kung fu system instructs martial arts training and promotes health through physical conditioning, qigong, and herbs. Every student of kung fu must be on an herbal regimen, as should anyone who desires strong and enduring health. The Bak Fu Pai herbal formulas are “remedies for the common people” which come from the Shaolin era and the Doo Family. Our herbal prescriptions date back nearly three thousand years. Most of the formulas come from three places: The Southern Shaolin Temple, The Daoist Temple in O’Mei and the Doo family.

Herbal recipes optimize health and support your training goals.

In the preparation of herbal formulas, it is critical that each ingredient be prepared properly and combined precisely according to recipe. This process is time consuming. Quite often, corners are cut or the preparer lacks sufficient information regarding accurate herbal formulation. Therefore, quality is lost. The idea that any potent herb can be randomly mixed with other herbs is flawed yet widely practiced. Most herbs must be combined in very specific ways in order to be effective. A very large percentage of herbal products on the market today are sub par as they are not in correct form, and certainly most have not been properly combined. The formulas prepared by practitioners of Bak Fu Pai conform strictly to the original Shaolin and Doo Family prescriptions.


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