Move towards humanitarian competition and away from confrontational competition. The Confucius idea of the great harmony, or datong, is that we can increase the social prowess when we work together to make everyone better as opposed to compete to make only ourselves better at the expense of others. The application of this Confucius philosophy of the datong in the Kung fu training environment makes both of the competitors better, not just one of the competitors. Think of this when you train your Kung fu. This is a selfless concept. The better the group becomes, the better each individual becomes. Strive to create this humanitarian competition in the gwoon as it will push each of us to greater heights in a compassionate manner. By thinking of others, we in turn make it better for ourselves. The betterment of the community is a critical element to the development of the Pai. The development of the Pai creates a better individual and martial arts practitioner.

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