A Message From Si Gung Thomas Rizzo Regarding Principles

BFP techniques are best supported when you adhere to the Kung Fu Principles that are in our teachings. Principle #1 teaches us that hard hands and feet are important. When you want to execute a block on someone, you want them to feel the impact and force of your arm. Conditioning such as 3-Star (Iron Wrist) builds the Iron Body in the arm both physically and with Ging (energy). This will make your blocks much more effective.

Kung Fu Principle #7 teaches you that a block is a strike. This reminds you to focus and emphasize the block into a strike. The intent is to strike the arm you are blocking.

Grandmaster Doo Wai used to tell me during training, “When you punch your opponent, you want them to hurt. When your opponent punches you, you want them to hurt.”


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